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rv paint, RV Wrap or RV Paint?

RV Wrap or RV Paint?

Customizing your RV’s exterior appearance is a great way to inject a bit of personality into the part-home, part-vehicle. It’s very popular to likewise name one’s RV as you would with a boat, having the name proudly featured across the back of the RV. When you choose to customize the exterior of your RV, you have two primary ways of doing so: RV paint or vinyl wrapping.

RV Wrap or Paint: Choosing the Best for Your RV’s Exterior

What to Know About RV Vinyl Wraps

A vinyl wrap is a specialty sticker in which custom-fit decals are carefully applied–either in select areas of your RV, or over the entire vehicle. Once applied, a heat treatment is used to activate an underlying adhesive and seal the wrapping directly to the RV.

The most popular reason for choosing an RV vinyl wrap over a paint job is for the price. Vinyl wraps are generally less expensive as they are less labor-intensive and the product cost of vinyl is cheaper than quality RV paint. However, this is a classic area in which you often end up spending less up front, but buying more down the road as an RV wrap will only last about 5 to 7 years… significantly less than a quality paint job. Vinyl wraps also can be more prone to scratches and other imperfections.

What to Know About Motorhome Paint Jobs

An RV paint job can be done across the entirety of your RV or it can be in select places. For example, you might request a full painting to change the whole appearance of your RV or you might request touch-up paint to perfectly match existing exterior paint following a collision. RV owners also have the choice of doing either basic RV paint or more stylized paint (such as the custom name).

Painting an RV will just about always be more expensive than getting a similar size or style vinyl wrapping because UV and scratch-resistant, quality paint costs more, and applying vehicle paint well is a skill that takes time. The big upside is that a new paint job will last upwards of 15 years.

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