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Cold Weather Tips for Your RV Interior Restoration

Looking for some ideas on RV interior restoration this year? One good place to start is by considering how to make your vehicle more comfortable for cold weather travel and living. After all, traveling in the winter may be a great way to get outdoors (and the season has the big bonus of there being no bugs!), but it can also be hard with low temperatures and early sunsets. Improve your camping experiences and your RV itself by considering the following RV interior restoration tips for cold weather camping:

RV Interior Restoration Tips for Better Cold Weather RVing

  • Better air control. RVs may be significantly smaller than homes, but they are still prone to having things like drafts and “cold spots” where heat doesn’t reach. This makes it important for RV owners to consider ways in which to better maneuver and control how air flows.  Note how vents are positioned and opened to better direct warm air into desired locations such as the bedroom and seal around any exterior-leading vents, windows, and skylights to prevent drafts.
  • Test your heating system. Once you’ve determined the proper main and supplemental heating systems for your RV, be sure to commit to having those systems inspected before any prolonged RV road trip. Sub-freezing temperatures can be very dangerous and a broken furnace won’t just cause you and your traveling companions to be uncomfortable, but it can also impair other working systems such as your plumbing system. Have a technician look over your heating and plumbing system this year. If you plan on traveling in an area with below freezing temperatures, you might want to allow a slow drip while camping to prevent ice buildup in your faucet or run RV antifreeze through the lines.
  • Add insulation or pad the floor. If you are having any major RV interior restoration done that includes removing the wallboards, then consider it also as the best time to inspect the model’s insulation and upgrade if necessary. Many RVs come standard with a low level of insulation given that such recreation vehicles are generally used in the summer when cold weather insulative properties are less of a concern. However, quality insulation doesn’t just help keep warm air in, it also helps keep hot air out in the summer and reduces sound transfer for a quieter camping experience. Temporary solutions like heavy drapes can also make a big difference.

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