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What to Know About the RV Life Before You Hit the Gas

If you just made the leap or are still considering making the leap into full-time RV life, then you probably have both your hesitations and big expectations. Moving into an RV is exciting but it’s also a big change. There are those who make the change smoothly and those who have a rough of it because they weren’t properly prepared. As El Mirage’s premier RV repair shop, we’ve seen it all as we love talking with our guests about their travels, triumphs, and tribulations. The following is a quick list of what we’ve found to be the most important things newcomers to the RV life should know before they hit that gas pedal:

4 Things to Know About RV Life Before Hitting the Gas

  1. Take time to insulate. If you planning on living in an RV all year or even most of the year, then chances are you are going to experience some pretty hot, pretty cold, and pretty wet conditions. It’s an unfortunate fact that very few RVs are sold as true four-season rigs and so most owners should consider adding some insulation before they hit the road. Properly insulating your RV will both keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  2. Downsizing is difficult but also liberating. Some RVs are large, but they aren’t that large — at least not when compared to a traditional apartment or house. This means for most people, whether they’re planning a month-long trip, or making a complete lifestyle change, downsizing one’s daily items is a must. Take at least a month before you leave to decide what to take and what to leave. This process can be tough but it can also be liberating as you find yourself being more mindful of what you use on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Consider what to do with the mail. In today’s world, email has becoming king when it comes to day-to-day communication and, thanks to online billing, most companies will accept online payments. That said, many people still have mail requirements to consider before committing to a longterm RV life. While the USPS is great for many things, mail forwarding is not their forte. Consider signing up with a company like The Good Sam Mail Service which offers affordable and effective mail forwarding services.
  4. Secure a comprehensive roadside assistance package. Accidents happen. Keys get locked inside the RV, slick roads cause you to veer off into a ditch, and battery failures can happen anywhere. Having a comprehensive roadside assistance package will go a long way to giving you peace of mind when the unexpected happens to damper the day.

When You Need More Assistance Than a Jumped Battery, Call Premier Coach Works!

If an accident happens and you find yourself needing more repairs than your roadside assistance package covers, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Premier Coach Works. We’re proud to provide a full array of services tailored to meet the unique needs of RVs, campers, and motorhomes. Contact us today to schedule a visit.