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custom rv paint, Custom RV Paint Jobs: Naming Tips for Christening Your RV

Custom RV Paint Jobs: Naming Tips for Christening Your RV

Around the world, different cultures have christened their boats with special names for thousands of years. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small fishing skiff or a massive ocean liner, every boat gets a name for both tradition and luck. For many, giving the wrong name to a boat can spell the difference between good fortune and bad. While RVs aren’t quite the same type of vessel, many RV owners opt to give their vehicle a name. This is simply a fun part of the RV experience and one that can make it feel more like a home.

Here at Premier Coach Works, we love applying custom RV paint names across the back and sides of customer RVs and the following are some of the best tips we’ve gleaned about choosing a name and having a christening ceremony:

Tips for Naming Your RV

  • Choose something sentimental. RV travel can be a very meaningful and inspirational experience. If your RV inspires you to do more, then you might consider choosing a personal, sentimental name reflective of that.
  • Pick something funny or punny. Puns are big in the boating world and are growing in the RV world as well — ie The Happy Glamper and The Mobile Mansion– but you don’t have to go with strict puns. You can also go for humor like Adventure Before Dementia.
  • Go for irony. It’s hard to describe why people love irony but, in truth, every great story has an ironic twist (Casablanca’s cynical, self-interested businessman having to choose between love and national aid) and so ironic RV names will have a good feel, such as variations on Tiny.

The Process of Christening Your RV

If you want to really have fun with naming your RV, consider having a little ceremony after you have the new name applied with custom RV paint, similar to the christening ceremonies done for boats. To do this, gather your friends and family before your first big drive, grab a bottle of wine or bubbly, a branch of fresh leaves, and have a poem ready. When you’re ready for that first drive, recite your poem, toast to the RV, break the bottle or pour some on your RV for good luck, and leave the branch on your dash to symbolize a safe return.

In need of that new name paint? Don’t forget to schedule a custom RV paint appointment with our team today!