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Differences Between Vinyl & Full Custom Body Paint on an RV

When purchasing a new RV or trying to improve the looks of an older camper, one of the big questions you’ll encounter is whether you should use a gel-coat with vinyl graphics or a full custom body paint on the vehicle’s exterior. The following is a quick look at the differences between these two options to better help you decide what’s best for you and your RV:

The Differences Between Vinyl & Full Custom Body Paint on an RV

The Basics of Vinyl

Vinyl graphics may be applied with the gel-coat in specific areas or they may be available as a full wrap that covers the entire surface of your RV. Vinyl provides great protection against scratches and nicks commonly caused by things like loose gravel kicked up from side roads. However, the primary benefit and leading reason many RV buyers choose vinyl over full custom body paint is that this option tends to be less expensive than a custom body paint job.

However, with that low costs also comes a lower lifespan. Even with proper waxing and general maintenance, vinyl decals and full vinyl coverings generally have about a five-year lifespan before owners will start to see signs of wear and tear like peeling, chipping, and blistering.

The Basics of Full Custom Body Paint

A full custom body paint project on an RV may take more time (vinyl coverings can generally be done in a week) and cost more, but many owners feel the results are well worth it. A professional body painting on an RV has a significantly longer lifespan so that not only will owners benefit from such an investment for longer than five years, but that investment will hold up and will boost the model’s resale value.

Furthermore, full paint jobs on RVs are low maintenance and need to be waxed just once a year with a simple soap and water routine in between. Plus, as long as a quality paint brand and composite was used, RV paint is much better equipped to withstand sun damage than vinyls which will often fade after just a couple years of use in direct sunlight.

However, one situation where vinyl coverings may be a better buy is if you plan on doing a lot of ‘boondocking’ in which the RV will frequently be brushed against branches and driven across bad road situations. This is because paint tends to be slightly less resistant against scratching than vinyl and so those who often go well off the beaten path may find themselves needing touch-up paint jobs more often than the owner of the vinyl-covered RV.

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