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On-the-Road Issues Where You May Need El Mirage RV Repair

Our El Mirage RV repair shop of Premier Coach Works is uniquely located just outside of Phoenix near the convenient throughway of State Highway 60. This sunny location means that we see a lot of RVs and motorhomes pass through as they make their way across the American West to enjoy this region’s beautiful weather and recreational sites. It also means that we get a fair number of customers coming in needing El Mirage RV repair before they can continue on to their next destination. So if you have a sudden malfunction and happen to be traveling in the area, know that you’re not alone! The more you use your RV, the more likely you are to have a common issue that needs some attention. The following is a quick look of the most common on-the-road issues RV road trippers are likely to experience:

Common On-the-Road Issues That Might Cause You to Need El Mirage RV Repair

  • Toilet troubles. Yes, it’s probably the most unpleasant of RV issues, but unfortunately, toilet malfunctions tend to come up fairly regularly for those who use their head with any regularity. All of the bouncing around when driving and the frequent emptying of the tanks often jostles piping and puts excess wear and tear on seals. Common issues that we see at our El Mirage RV repair shop include water that won’t stay in the toilet bowl or continuously runs.
  • Battery and electric issues. One of the big appeals of RVs is that they have electricity by which you can see, cook, and use many entertainment devices. So should the electricity suddenly go out, it’s something that you’re likely to want to fix pretty quickly. It’s a good idea to get in the practice of checking the fluid levels and charge of your RV’s battery every time you leave a location. Consider also disconnecting the battery cables when leaving the RV for long periods of time to prevent devices from drawing power. If your battery has failed or some other wiring is causing mishaps, the good news is that this is a fairly quick fix at our El Mirage RV repair shop.
  • Tire issues. Modern RVs come equipped with high-quality tires with great warranties and today’s replacement tires offer superior traction and longevity. That said, tire issues still occur with regular frequency due to the weight and heavy use of RVs. Every time you get routine maintenance or any maintenance done on your RV, it’s a good idea to also ask the mechanics to check the tread, air pressure, and alignment of your RV tires. Blowouts are common and can cause bad accidents when they occur so always replace your tires as recommended by your mechanic.

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Whether you have one of the above common issues or something else you’re worried about, our experienced mechanics and fully stocked service shop are here to help you! Contact us today to schedule your next maintenance or RV repair visit!