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rv sunroof, We Offer Exterior Modifications Ranging From Paint Jobs to Sunroofs

We Offer Exterior Modifications Ranging From Paint Jobs to Sunroofs

Here at Premier Coach Works, our team of experienced mechanics and auto body specialists is proud to offer a wide array of services to meet just about every need a person could have in the auto body world… especially for RVs and campers.

In fact, people from around the country and certainly around the region choose Premier Coach Works as their primary big mechanic shop precisely because we have such a long history and diverse catalog of services. The following are just a few of the most frequently requested exterior modifications that we offer:

Common RV Exterior Modifications or Improvements

  1. External LED lighting. LED lighting is bright and energy-efficient. Of course, while most campgrounds won’t charge you by the energy used, it does help that you won’t have to replace these nifty bulbs for many years to come. Plus, exterior rope lighting on your RV will improve general visibility for better nighttime camping experiences.
  2. RV sunroof. Not all RVs come with a sunroof and those that do have common issues with leakage. Our team is experienced in both repairing the broken and busted seals around sunroofs as well as installing an RV sunroof into a motorhome that never had one.
  3. Fiberglass siding install. The matte aluminum siding on an RV is desirable to some, but not all. Another common request we get is the installation of newer fiberglass siding. This exterior upgrade is pricy but overall reduces one’s maintenance costs.
  4. Suspension upgrade. This is a big project — but not too big for our team at Premier Coach Works. Redoing or upgrading an RV’s suspension system is often necessary for those needing to improve their rig’s weight ratio. A more modern suspension system installed on an older RV can also reduce the overall stress on the rig. This makes riding in the RV more comfortable and prolongs the life of just about every other component in the vehicle — tires, plumbing system, frame, etc.

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So, are you ready to get that RV sunroof installed? Whether you need this or another exterior modification done on your RV rig, we hope you choose us as your big project mechanic team. Contact us today to learn more about our services, see a portfolio of our previous works, and schedule your visit to our shop.