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How To Dim the Light Coming Through Your RV Sunroof

Some people really love their RV sunroof and all of the natural light that it brings into a given area, whether it’s the bathroom or general living area. However, some people is not everyone, and if you’re bothered by the bright light that shines through your RV sunroof, then know that there are some handy ways you can follow to dim or darken the sunroof to enjoy a calmer, less bright interior.

How to Dim the Light Coming Through Your RV Sunroof

  • Paint the outside portion of the RV skylight. This is the most effective way to limit or completely eliminate the amount of sunlight coming through your RV skylight — unfortunately, it is also the most permanent method, as removing exterior paint can be incredibly hard or even impossible. That said, you can apply a light color paint (such as eggshell or a light seafoam green) in layers in order to experiment with just how much light you want to be blocked. Or go all out and paint it a dark blue or even black.
  • Purchase a vent cushion. Again, if you hate how bright the light filters through your skylight, you aren’t alone, as products have been specifically made to solve this problem. You’ll find a vent cushion on most any larger camping supplier like Camping World, just make sure to measure your vent before purchasing. The primary benefits behind vent cushions are that they are removable so you can test to see how well you like them and they can serve as a key insulative material to prevent heat loss and gain. A downside, however, is that they aren’t too advisable in high-humidity areas like the RV sunroof in your shower area, as they can attract mold when not regularly wiped down.

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Of course, you could also get rid of your RV sunroof altogether, or move the RV sunroof to a different area of your RV where you’d appreciate more light (such as moving a bedroom RV sunroof to the kitchen). For help on how to do this as well as other general care and maintenance on your RV, give our team at Premier Coach Works a call. Our RV auto body shop is proud to offer a wide array of RV services, including the installation of add-on equipment like an RV sunroof.