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Hidden Damages Following a Car Collision

Here at Premier Coach Works, one of our primary services is collision repair — for both general vehicles and RVs. Car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence, but we hate to see them ruin our clients’ day or entire trip. That’s why we strive to provide fast, quality service to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

But as we perform our service, one thing that may cause delay is uncovering “hidden damages”. Hidden damages are damages that aren’t highly visible and generally aren’t expected. These types of damages commonly happen during something like a fender bender, when what you might have thought was a quick and light bump or scratch, actually had broader effects. Only by doing a more thorough inspection of your vehicle can we determine whether there’s a bigger problem under the surface. The following is a look at some of the most common hidden damages our team finds following an accident:

Hidden Damages Following a Car Accident

  • Trunk or rear hatch damage. Many people don’t try opening their vehicle’s trunk or rear hatch following a car accident. A rear-end collision, even a minor one, can cause several frustrating and even dangerous issues. Common damages include issues with the locking mechanism (which can lead to a trunk flying open while driving), damages to the seals that keep rain and excess moisture out, and a dented frame, making the vehicle difficult to access.
  • Electrical system damages. This one is common to cars, trucks, and RVs. Even the most minor of car accidents can cause wire connections to become loose. This compromises one’s electrical components and can impact anything from rear tail lights to the battery that helps get the vehicle going.
  • Frame damages. The frame is the most important part of any vehicle, as it is its supporting structure. Damage to the vehicle frame can cause a domino effect in which every component of your vehicle is compromised. After a car accident, a technician should do a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s entire frame to ensure there is no underlying damage that would put you at risk.

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Diagnosing and resolving hidden collision damages is a critical component of collision repair because if they aren’t resolved, you increase your risk of another serious accident. To learn more or to schedule repairs on your vehicle, contact our team at Premier Coach Works today.