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Most Common RV Repairs Needed for an Older Camper

There are a lot of great RVs out in the world. Brand new RVs fresh off the dealer lot, yes, but also plenty of older models. Vintage campers have unique looks and interiors that you can’t find just anywhere. As such, it is totally understandable for someone to want to go all-in on an attractive older camper.

However, while older campers have a lot to offer in the looks and amenities department, they often come with their own issues that will require RV repairs and renovation. The following is a look at some of the most common RV repairs owners should be aware of as they shop for or purchase an older camper:

Most Common RV Repairs Needed in an Older Camper

  • Tire replacement. Our team at Premier Coach Works actually recommends a full tire replacement on every used RV with the sole exception being if they have already been replaced in the last year. This is because tires can look superficially good but have internal damage or weaknesses from sitting in one place for too long. New tires are the best way to keep you safe on the road.
  • Sealing on the roof and sides. A common reason to sell a vintage camper is because of water damage, most often caused by faulty seals that allow water to get inside. The first way to repair this damage is by re-sealing the exterior.
  • Floor and/or siding replacement. After you stop water getting in, you’ll often need to replace those materials that have water damage. This most often means the floor and siding. Do not skip this! Leaving water damage unresolved will only allow that damage to fester, creating worse mold and mildew problems. These problems could be detrimental to your health as well as the health of the RV.
  • Awning and pull-out repair. The more you use something, the more prone it is to breaking. Because awning and pull-outs are continually pulled out and pushed back in, their mechanisms and components are very prone to breaking. It’s a good idea to have an experienced RV technician look over these RV parts when buying an older RV and having them replaced or repaired where needed.

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