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RV interior restoration, Hungry for an RV Interior Restoration? Know These Four Furniture Considerations

Hungry for an RV Interior Restoration? Know These Four Furniture Considerations

Even if you absolutely love your RV right now, chances are there will come a time when the mood for an RV interior restoration strikes. After all, RVs are part-home as well as part-transportation and so it is only natural to want to customize this space to feel more homey and reflective of you and your family’s style.

Changing up the furniture in your RV is a great way to start with an RV interior restoration. But before you start throwing out all of your current items, make sure to keep the following four key considerations in mind for buying their replacements:

4 Key Things to Look at When Buying New RV Furniture

1: Size

Before you even start looking (and get your heart set on something), begin your RV furniture shopping by measuring the full space of where you need replacement furniture to go. The best way of doing this is to take measurements of your current RV furniture and experiment with how much bigger you’d be comfortable with.

2: Fit

Will new RV furnishings fit through your RV door or doors if you need them to go into separate rooms?

3: Weight

Every RV will have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that you will need to look at when doing any type of RV interior or exterior restoration. Don’t fall into the mistake of replacing all of your existing RV furniture with heavier pieces that will put your RV over the existing weight limit. Instead, pay close attention to every pound you take off and put on your RV. Start by looking up the weight of your existing furniture, weighing it where necessary. Then, make sure to only replace the furniture with lighter or similarly weighing furnishings. All RV furniture retailers will have weight information on hand, and so too should other types of furniture brands and companies. (If a retailer doesn’t know it, check the maker’s website).

4: Functionality

The best RV furniture is the furniture that is versatile, serving more than one task. Look at this RV interior restoration project as an experiment in doing more with every item you add. Choose living area furnishings that double as guest beds and tables with extra shelving.

For the Big RV Interior Restoration Jobs, Contact Premier Coach Works

Size and fit are critical considerations when adding in furniture, but there is some wiggle room if you love a piece that doesn’t quite measure out right. Talk to our team at Premier Coach Works to learn more about custom RV interior jobs and getting those premier furniture pieces and that dream interior appearance you want.