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RV auto body shop, What Type of Work Can I Have Done at an RV Auto Body Shop?

What Type of Work Can I Have Done at an RV Auto Body Shop?

Here at Premier Coach Works, we pride ourselves on offering a robust array of services. Every day, we see vehicles of all shapes and sizes enter our repair bays for things like routine maintenance service and collision repair. But while we don’t turn away any type of vehicle, we are best known for specializing in RV repair work. In fact, we are one of the most experienced RV auto body shops in the area — but what does that mean? Here are some of the types of work our team is well-equipped to handle:

FAQ: What Type of Work Can I Have Done at an RV Auto Body Shop?

RV painting

RV paint jobs are one of our most frequently requested services. This includes stylistic painting, like the adding of a name across their motorhome’s rear, as well as collision repair paintwork.

Fiberglass repairwork

Many RVs have exteriors that are made from fiberglass, and quite a few of those have interior areas that are likewise formed from fiberglass. Fiberglass is a popular construction material because it is lightweight, waterproof, and incredibly durable for its cost and weight profile. But it is not indestructible. Even a minor collision can cause fracturing at certain pressure points, and that fiberglass fracture will need specialized repair. An RV auto body shop can get that type of work done quickly and effectively.

Other types of collision damages

Fiberglass siding is commonly damaged in an accident, but it’s not the only thing that can be compromised. The undercarriage, bumper, and even roofing elements can become loose, damaged, or otherwise compromised by accidents, with even minor fender benders having the potential to cause issues elsewhere in the motorhome depending upon the impact’s force and location.

Interior repair work

An auto body shop with experience in RV work knows how to do full exterior and interior work. This means they are capable in the more home-like aspects of your RV, such as repairing your plumbing system and updating cabinentry. While it is true that more traditional auto body shops will have some experience in upholstery, traditional car upholstery repair is wildly different than motorhome upholstery repair. This is specialty work for which you want specialty experience.

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