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motorhome collision repair, Need Motorhome Collision Repair? Don’t Forget Your Tires!

Need Motorhome Collision Repair? Don’t Forget Your Tires!

Car accidents are frightening, migraine-inducing events. But when it’s your motorhome that’s involved, the place where you sleep and travel, the frustrations can grow tenfold. We know that if you are in need of motorhome collision repair, you likely want to get in and out as fast as you can so that you can continue on with your travels. However, when you’re in an accident, it’s a good idea to take a minute and consider not just the immediate damages on your motorhome that needs repairing, but also components that may seem like a sidenote… such as your tires. Even if just one tire was affected by your accident, changing out all of your tires can be a wise move to protect your future safety and guard against subsequent motorhome collisions.

Importance of Quality Tires & Changing Out Tires When Undergoing Motorhome Collision Repair

Every year, over 11,000 tire-related accidents happen due to things like driving on underinflated tires or worn-down tread. RVs and motorhomes are particularly susceptible to both these issues given how much wear they experience and due to the constantly shifting loads and sometimes frequent temperature and elevation changes. In fact, motorhome tires frequently become prematurely underinflated. For these reasons, owners of motorhomes should always inspect their tire pressure and tread before heading out on a long-distance trek and prepare to replace all four tires more frequently than they might on another vehicle.

Additionally, if you are in a motorhome collision that damaged any of your wheels and tires, do not stop at replacing just the directly damaged ones. Always, always consider replacing all four tires at the same time. While the insurance company might fight you on this, it’s important for your future safety to have all of the tires on your RV replaced at the same time. This is especially true if you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle as not replacing all at once will cause significant discrepancies in tread wear which can be dangerous to drive on. So if you need motorhome collision repair involving at least one tire replacement, consider the long-term repercussions and go for a complete tire replacement.

Choosing the Right Tires for Your Motorhome Travels

  • Mostly highways. If you travel mostly on highways and strict pavement conditions across great distances, then consider a straight-rib highway tire and don’t worry too much about tread. This style tire will offer you the best fuel efficiency.
  • A lot of mud or snow driving. If you expect to frequently encounter mud and snow conditions but don’t want to give up too much on fuel efficiency, then consider having grippier tires put on the power axles and straight-rib highway tires on their opposites.
  • Lots of elevation and temperature changes. If your trips take you through a lot of extreme elevation and temperature changes, then ask about filing up your tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen helps prevent big tire pressure changes and can improve the overall life of your tires.

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