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rv interior restoration, RV Interior Restoration 101: Choosing Vinyl Flooring

RV Interior Restoration 101: Choosing Vinyl Flooring

Here at Premier Coach Works, in addition to our collision repair work, we also do a lot of RV remodeling and RV interior restoration upgrades. One of the most popular requests we get when it comes to RV interior restoration projects is flooring. This should be no surprise as the flooring and seating surfaces of any RV and camper tend to be the most used and most frequently worn out. Many RV owners spend their vacations lakeside and at campgrounds characterized by dirt and mud. As such, RV flooring gets a lot of abuse and wears out way faster than owners probably would like. The following is a quick look at one of our favorite types of flooring materials for RVs and what to consider when purchasing it for your RV interior restoration project:

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is quite arguably the most versatile and cost-effective flooring solution available for RV owners. You can choose vinyl flooring to mimic any other type of flooring, such as stone or wood, and yet it tends to be much easier to maintain than those materials it mimics. Vinyl RV flooring is also water resistant and more than capable of withstanding the day-to-day wear, tear, and general abuse that camp life entails.

That said, there is a big difference between low-quality vinyl flooring and high-quality options. Consider the following tips to make sure you choose the best product for your RV:

  • Thick wear layer. Most brands will measure the thickness of their vinyl flooring’s wear layer in mils — with most units being 6, 12, or 20 mils thick. We recommend choosing a product that is 20 mils thick as this is the most durable and most capable of withstanding the heavy foot traffic common in an RV.
  • Consider gloss-finish. Vinyl flooring with gloss-finish has been proven to hold up more effectively in extreme weather conditions. While it (hopefully) isn’t raining inside your RV, if you do get some slush and rain in from an open screen, you can rest assured there won’t be long-term damages.
  • Check for a solid warranty. The worth of any product can be measured by its warranty package. Before deciding on any product, ask about the manufacturer warranty. Knowing that the product you choose will be protected for many years will help reassure you that you are making the smart long-term investment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor grade vinyl flooring products that break down in just a couple years — but these can be readily avoided by signing up with a product boasting a strong and comprehensive warranty.
  • Avoid laminate flooring. Laminate flooring can be a great option for those RV owners who plan to keep their RVs for a decade or more. However, if you plan on selling or upgrading anytime soon, note that RV dealers can be wary of laminate flooring as it has been commonly used in the past to hide water damage.

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