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rv interior restoration, RV Interior Restoration: Updating Your Lights

RV Interior Restoration: Updating Your Lights

RVs do not come standard with the best lighting options. In fact, what you will generally find in new motorhomes are basic light fixtures. As such, one of the first RV interior restoration projects you might want to consider is an update to your interior lighting. Better interior lights can transform a space, making your RV feel more inviting. But how to get started?

RV Interior Restoration Projects: Updating Your Lights

Our team at Premier Coach Works is proud to offer our professional services when it comes to all manner of RV projects, including RV interior restoration. But while we do offer complete light fixture installations and general electrical system repair and updates as part of our services, there are some lighting projects you may wish to tackle on your own.

If you choose to go on your own, be aware of the following key challenges that you are apt to face:

  • Some RV lights are hardwired, others are not. Hardwiring means that there are electrical lines connecting lights to the energy sources powering them. Non-hardwiring means that the lights have their own incorporated batteries and operate independently of your electrical system. Knowing which of your light fixtures will need electrical connections and which don’t will be a necessity.
  • Vertical and horizontal space is limited. This may seem obvious, but it certainly bears repeating, especially if you are looking to transform your RV’s interior lighting so that it more resembles a home. You cannot get light fixtures that drop too low, nor can you get fixtures that are too wide and protrude too far from the walls.
  • Official RV lighting options are limited. RV manufacturers have yet to really expand their product lines when it comes to RV light fixtures. The good news, is that thanks to the advancements of LED lighting and the popularity of tiny home living, many home light fixtures that can be transitioned into RV light fixtures. It is just important to understand electric loads and ensure you are properly integrating them for maximum effectiveness and safety.

For Best Effects, Contact the Pros

Electrical changes can be dangerous, as there is always risk of an electrical fire or installing something that otherwise risks an overload and flips the breaker. As such, it may make the most sense to hire a professional team like ours for this type of job. Visit our website today for more information.