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winter maintenance, Did You Forget This Winter Maintenance Step?

Did You Forget This Winter Maintenance Step?

Here in our corner of the country, winter is the big RV-ing season. That’s because ours is the state that others fly to when they want to escape the brutal winter cold. However, just because we have warmer weather down here doesn’t mean that you can forgo winter maintenance. Make sure that as the weather shifts, you don’t forget the following key maintenance step:

Most Often Skipped Winter Maintenance Step? Checking the RV Water and Waste System

The number one way to keep the plumbing systems in your RV in great condition is with preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance for your RV’s water and waste system involves two key aspects. First, don’t put anything down any drain that you don’t plan on dealing with later. Second, maintenance chemicals are your best friend — especially when it comes to your RV waste system.

Every month, and especially when doing a big seasonal maintenance job, RV owners should be using RV toilet chemicals. These toilet chemicals are enzymes or bacterial composites that are flushed down into an RV black water tank. These chemicals help in breaking down the waste and other items in that toilet. The more waste materials break down, the less chance of clumping and blockages, and the easier it become to empty the tank. RV toilet chemicals should be used a few days to a week before you do a full emptying or cleaning of your RV’s waste tank for best effects.

Additionally, you need to clean the water that goes through your system. Faucets should be sanitized two to three times a year for full-time RVers, optimally once during your winter maintenance session. This is also a good time to wash and clean your water heater in order to prevent corrosion and rust.

Finally, all plumbing systems should be checked once a year for leaks. The most effective way to do this is to check seals at joints and re-seal where needed.

Have a Professional Inspect Your RV This Month

Not looking forward to cleaning out your waste system? Or do you want a professional to check over all of the plumbing systems in your RV to ensure things are in good condition? In either case and more, our team is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our RV maintenance services and to schedule an appointment.