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rv interior upgrade, RV Interior Upgrade Project: RV Window Treatments

RV Interior Upgrade Project: RV Window Treatments

It’s no secret that the vast majority of window treatments in RVs and trailers are pretty basic and out dated. We don’t know why more RV and trailer manufacturers won’t put more thought into these products, but, as it is, most units come standard with some pretty outdated fabrics and design that overtly favor function over fashion. Unfortunately, sometimes they even miss that mark, with valances comprised of dark, overlapping materials that create a dark, confined interior. So, if you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective RV interior upgrade project, then consider tackling those window treatments next.

Letting in the Light: Updating Window Treatments for an RV Interior Upgrade

Taking down the valances (sometimes called cornices) in your RV is fairly straightforward. Simply take an electric drill and unscrew the brackets from the walls and ceilings. Generally, valances are attached via metal brackets at the arm pieces and, depending upon the RV design, long screws that go through the valance’s top piece to secure them into either the ceiling or cabinets. If you choose not to replace the valance fabric with fabric of your own and instead go a different route, the extra bracket screw holes can easily be filled in with a fiberglass filler like Bondo or spackle.

Window Treatment Options for a Full RV Interior Upgrade

  • Traditional curtains. For those who want their RV to truly look and feel like an extension of their first home, then traditional curtains may be the preferred replacement. Simply replace the brackets for the factory-installed valances and replace them with regular curtain hardware and your desired curtains. Note that most floor-length curtains will be too long for RV windows and will need to be cut and hemmed before installing.
  • Add framing. Another popular option for traditional home-lovers is to improve the framing around the windows with the installation of real or faux wood. Light colored woods can also significantly brighten up the appearance of an interior space and give it a warmer, more welcoming aesthetic.
  • Blinds and roller shades. For those who like their privacy but also love the sunlight, there’s an exciting amount of blinds and roller shade options on the market today. One particularly recommendable product is the American Duo day-night shade system that features two separate roller shades in one compact unit. The day shade utilizes Clearview Sunscreen fabric to offer superior outward visibility while simultaneously blocking out harmful UV rays and offering some daytime privacy. Once the sun sets, pull down the nightshade portion which is comprised of 100% privacy and blackout shade materials, for complete privacy. Units such as these have the added benefit of being available with remote-control operation.

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