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rv collision repair, Some Common RV Collision Repair Questions & Answers

Some Common RV Collision Repair Questions & Answers

Out of the 268.8 million registered American vehicles, only about 9 million are RVs. True, 9 million might seem like a high number. It is in fact the highest amount of RVs to be on the road to date, and yet it accounts for just 3% of all U.S. vehicles. As such, for RV owners, finding body shops, mechanics, HVAC technicians, and other professionals who have extensive experience working on RVs can be hard… Unless you visit us at Premier Coach Works!

Situated in Phoenix, we couldn’t be in a more high-trafficked location for RV owners. Our year-round warm weather and closeness to sites like the Grand Canyon and Sonoran Desert National Monument mean we see a lot of RV travelers and snowbirds come through. This means we get a lot of questions about general RV maintenance and RV collision repair. The following is a quick look at a few recent questions we’ve received about general RV collision repair we’d like to share:

From the Mailbox: RV Collision Repair Questions & Answers

  • I have an older unit that doesn’t have a warranty. Can you repair it? Almost certainly! Here at Premier Coach Works, we are just as equipped to work on 1939 campers as 2019 ones. Of course, there are some considerations to be had when it comes to older RV models and obtaining replacement parts. Where components cannot be found, we do have both in-house and access to outside assistance for the fabrication of both metal and fiberglass components that will enable us to repair or otherwise restore your RV. However, both the fabrication of replacement parts or the obtaining of replacement parts for older units can often mean that the repair process will take longer and may have more varied costs than the collision repair of a newer unit.
  • My RV is immobile. Can you come to me for an estimate? First off, you can call us 24/7 and our contractor, EZ Towing, will tow your disabled RV to us from anywhere in the state of Arizona. That tow line number is (623) 932-2525 and is especially important to have handy as, if you are in a collision, allowing the county to tow your vehicle from the accident scene (and it will have to be moved) and store frequently gets quite expensive with mountains of paperwork. If your RV was in a collision and is no longer able to be moved but is being secured in an appropriate place within a reasonable distance from us, then we also offer an in-person estimate with a road estimate fee. This fee (and towing to site) will generally be covered by your insurance company.

Have Your Own RV Collision Repair Question? Email Us!

If you have your own RV collision repair question that isn’t answered here or on our general FAQ page, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly! Our team understands the frustrations of needing collision repairs and are here to make the process as painless as possible.