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rv road trip, Texas: RV Road Trip Ideas

Texas: RV Road Trip Ideas

Our expert RV repair shop is conveniently located just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Which also means that we are at the heart of many of the Southwest’s major throughways like I-10 and I-17, highways that many RV-ers take on their journeys in and out of the area. In fact, I-10 offers particularly easy access to Texas and many great Texas RV road trip destinations. So if you’re looking for a fun and different RV road trip in Texas, look no further than the following exciting places:

RV Texas: Fun RV Road Trip Ideas

  • Krause Springs. Take I-10 almost all the way to San Antonio and then hit the backroads north to this beautiful private campground. Krause Springs is a gorgeous watering hole that features 32 springs and gorgeous limestone bluffs. The park also boasts a modern campground with RV hookups, hiking trails, and plenty of swimming opportunities.
  • Pine Springs Campground. If you want some more intensive hiking opportunities, then check out the Pine Springs Campground that is part of the greater Guadalupe Mountains. This campground is located just a bit over the West Texas border and offers some really picturesque campsites at the base of the mountain.
  • Fredericksburg RV Park. This one isn’t for everyone, but if what you want is a place where you can relax amidst the best amenities, then you’ll love the Fredericksburg RV Park. Located in Texas Hill Country and around some of the region’s best wineries, this location features a quiet and serene environment located within walking distance to historic Fredericksburg.
  • Galveston RV Resort and Marine Next to Moody Gardens. A bit of a drive, this one is a must-go for RV families with young kids. This spot features three massive pyramids as its big attraction, with each pyramid featuring something unique and different. For example, one pyramid boasts a massive aquarium while the other is outfitted as a full rainforest. The Galveston RV Resort is located just a block down and offers a great jumping off point for both Moody Gardens and other great attractions.

Make Sure to Have Your RV Inspected Before Any RV Road Trip

Whether you are looking at taking an RV road trip to Texas or Tennessee, you’ll want to make sure your RV is in good condition for such a long drive. Our team is here to do just that! Contact us today to schedule an appoinment and have your RV properly serviced before you hit the road.