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motorhome collision repair, What To Do in an Accident Requiring Motorhome Collision Repair

What To Do in an Accident Requiring Motorhome Collision Repair

It is rare to find the individual who hasn’t been in a car accident. As much as we might try and avoid them, even the safest driver cannot control others. As such, it is important to know before it happens what to do in the event that your precious (and expensive) RV gets caught up in a collision and requires motorhome collision repair.

What To Do in an RV Accident

  • Assess the situation and call the police. First, check the condition of the other driver and any passengers between the vehicles. Then, call 911 to report the incident and any injuries or life-threatening situations. If there is a life-threatening situation, get everyone you can to a safer spot. In small fender benders, you may feel pressured to not call the cops and instead to handle it between each other. Do not do this. Even minor impacts involving RVs can result in unseen damages that will cause big issues further down the line. Always call the police to get a statement and record the accident.
  • Document everything and call your insurance company. Take out your cell phone and take pictures of everything. Take pictures of the damages to your motorhome, of the other vehicle, and of the road and surrounding area. In some cases, it might not be the other driver at fault, but rather, whoever is responsible for the road’s care and maintenance. If an unavoidable pothole caused the other driver to swerve and collide with your motorhome, then your insurance group may need to go after the city for financial repairs and will need your photo evidence to do so. Don’t forget to also get the other driver’s insurance information.
  • Get your RV to a qualified motorhome collision repair shop. Finally, either drive to or call for a tow to get your RV to an experienced motorhome collision repair shop. Your RV is a specialized machine that requires special care and maintenance. Don’t go to just anyone for motorhome collision repair. You need a shop that has the tools, large engine bay, and experienced mechanics that are able to accurately diagnose any issues.

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