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RV Safe Driving Advice for Those With Kids

RVs and children are like peanut butter and jelly. RVs are tiny homes that are just the right size for kids, plus kids get to wake up to new adventures every time they head out in one. But, as with all things fun and fascinating, it is important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind, as children require a touch more safe driving precautions in RVs. Here’s a look at some important things to keep in mind as you plan your upcoming family vacation:

Safe Driving Tips for Your Family

  • When buying an RV, make sure it has Type 2 seatbelts. RVs and campervans do not all have the same safety requirements as traditional passenger vehicles. For example, Class B RVs can be built with lap belt only seat belts in the rear seats in certain scenarios. Lap belt seats, also called Type 1 seats, are not safe for young children. Make sure you choose an RV fully equipped with Type 2 seats if you are traveling with young children.
  • Children should always be restrained when underway. The way some motorhomes are built can make it tempting for children and teenagers to get up and move about when the vehicle is underway. Do not allow this. As big as RVs are, it is easy to be injured in an accident. Ensure everyone is properly restrained at all times when you are driving. For both this and the aforementioned tip, you might find it handy to simply drive a secondary vehicle with the children in it when traveling, depending up on the size and stature of your RV.
  • Be picky with when you drive. One of the most important safe driving tips we can give to anyone, including those driving with children, is to be smart about when you drive. Avoid driving at night and during rainy or snowy weather, when visibility is low and the risk of encountering an impaired, distracted, or drowsy driver is high. Sunrise and sunset are also bad times to drive, as the way the sun strikes your windshield can play with your eyes.

Make Sure Your RV Is Safe Before Setting Off

Finally, make sure your RV is in proper condition before heading out. This means having the tires properly inflated, the oil changed, windshield fluid filled, etc. Contact our team at Premier Coach Works today to schedule your service visit.