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What Your Vehicle’s Custom Body Paint Color Says About You

When you went shopping for your car or RV, whether you bought used or new, you probably had a lot of things you were looking for. Good gas mileage, warranties, features, engine power, and reliability all tend to top car buyers’ lists, so the actual color of the vehicle can often be a last consideration. If you bought a used vehicle, you might not have even gotten a choice! But did you know that whatever color choice you did end up with can be subconsciously telling others something about you?

Back in November, we took a look at some of the most popular vehicle colors and what they said about their owners, but we didn’t get a chance to highlight all the shades. The following is a look at some other popular colors and what they tend to mean. Just don’t forget that if you don’t like what your paint says about you, you can always schedule it for a custom body paint makeover with our team!

What the Custom Body Paint Color of Your Vehicle Says About You

  • Red. Red is a bold and assertive color. Those people with red vehicles tend to be extroverted and very confident, ready to take on the world. Because red is such an eye-catching color, it attracts attention and those who like attention tend to prefer this color.
  • Gray. In a lot of ways, gray is the opposite of red. Gray is not a flashy color, but it is a relaxed and calming color. People who tend to enjoy compromise and who are confident but don’t like to be the center of attention will often gravitate to vehicles painted gray.
  • Green. Green is a gorgeous color and one that has strong ties to nature. As such, it’s not surprising that we often get a lot of RV owners who want to add at least a touch of green to their vehicles. Green vehicles have generally been tied to those who have a strong sense of self and the color really trended in popularity back in the ’90s.

Change Up Your Vehicle’s Custom Body Paint Color Today

Are you ready to swap to one of these custom body paint colors? Or do you want something else entirely? From paint to full RV decals, our team at Premier Coach Works does it all! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.