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motorhome collision repair, 3 Accident Causes That Lead to Motorhome Collision Repair

3 Accident Causes That Lead to Motorhome Collision Repair

There are more motorhomes, camper trailers, and conversion vans on American highways than ever before thanks to a number of factors, like earlier retirement and an increase in remote workers, making the RV lifestyle more feasible to more people. While this is great in that it means more adventures, it also means that there has been an uptick in RV accidents that require the need for motorhome collision repair.

You can prevent your own RV and family from falling victim to such a statistic by being aware of the following top causes of accidents and avoiding them:

Top 3 Accident Causes That Lead to Motorhome Collision Repair

  • Speeding. Speeding is one of the leading causes of all serious accidents, including those that involve RVs. With RVs, however, things tend to get more serious due to the heavy weight of motorhomes and the much longer braking distance. For optimum safety, we recommend sticking to speeds below 65 miles per hour even when there is a higher posted limit.
  • High winds. In an earlier article, we wrote about getting off the road whenever the forecast predicts hail, but you should also do the same with high wind conditions. The large, blocky design of motorhomes combined with their weight can make them hard to control in high wind conditions. Even when parked, it’s important to avoid parking sideways to the wind direction and use stabilizing jacks.
  • Tired and distracted drivers. Did you know that studies by the American Automobile Association have shown that sleepy drivers are more dangerous than drunk ones? The issue seems to be that many drivers don’t recognize when they aren’t fully rested and drive when they cannot pay full attention to the road and appropriately react to driving situations. For this reason, it’s a good idea to implement a nap-friendly schedule when driving long distances with just one driver. For example, try stopping every four hours for a thirty-minute break where you just rest.

Were You in an Accident Lately? Contact Premier Coach Works for Motorhome Collision Repair

Of course, all the advice on avoiding accidents won’t help if you’ve already been in one. Here at Premier Coach Works, our team is experienced with diagnosing and repairing all manners of motorhome collision repair issues. From fender benders to flipped camper trailers, we’ve seen it all and done it all. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can get your rig back on the road.