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Why You Want Film Protection for Your New Coat of RV Paint

One of the premier services we offer at our RV auto body shop of Premier Coach Works is custom painting and decals. Whatever RV paint color or design you want, we can do it. However, while we love sending our clients driving off to new adventures with their fresh RV paint glinting in the sun, we know just how frustrating it can be when kicked up road debris or parking lot mishaps chip, scratch, and otherwise mar that beautiful paint job. The good news is that you can enjoy a great new paint job and make it last by adding one key component: Film protection.

Why You Want Film Protection for Your New Coat of RV Paint

Paint protection film is a clear piece of film that gets carefully laid over all of the painted areas of your RV or camper. This film provides an extra layer of protection, serving as a barrier between the paint and the environment outside of it. And it’s a pretty amazing barrier. Technology has come a long way in recent years and today’s protective films boast features like self-healing capabilities. Pretty nifty! But if you still aren’t sold on adding film protection for your RV paint, consider the following key benefits:

  • Protect against environmental hazards. You got an RV so as to be out in some rugged environments. The drawback to that is those rugged environments can wreak havoc on your RV. Such as windstorms throwing abrasive sand across the branches and twigs scratching the tops and sides. Protective paint films are the bodyguards that keep these hazards from destroying your RV paint.
  • Reduce UV radiation. It isn’t just the things that you can see and touch that can hurt your RV paint. In fact, it’s what you can’t directly see that often hastens the demise of RV paint, and what you can’t directly see is UV radiation. UV radiation breaks down the particulates in paint and causes them to fade or crack. But with an RV paint protection film designed to withstanding UV radiation, it’ll be like you put extended sunscreen on your RV to stop those harmful rays from degrading your vehicle’s exterior. You can also get windshield protective films to prevent the plastics in your RV from similarly fading and cracking due to UV radiation damage.

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