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How to Research an RV Road Trip

There are people who are naturally fantastic at planning things like an RV road trip or a multi-night camping trip. Maybe you’ve even gone on a trip with them and you loved how everything seemed so easy, so lined up with reservations and travel times. Maybe they and their trips are what inspired you to pack your bags and head out. Yet, all that glitters is not gold, and planning an extended RV road trip isn’t something that can readily be done in an hour.

What to Know When You Research an RV Road Trip

You may remember younger days where you headed out on the road without a care in the world. Great times! However, when you have an RV, there are things to think about that you wouldn’t necessarily have with a car. Things like higher gas costs, the size of your RV requiring you to use specialized spots, and an inability to maneuver in certain areas.

Getting into those specialized camping spots is a particularly important thing to keep in mind when researching your RV road trip, as camp spots are limited and some very popular places can have reservations booked months, sometimes even a year or more in advance. That’s true for tent camping and it is doubly true for RV camping. So if you wait until the last minute to start planning your RV road trip, you might find yourself constantly being told no vacancy.

So, the number one tip when researching an RV road trip one should always keep in mind is to plan early. Start researching at least one month in advance of your trip, and the second important tip, expect to spend at least three hours researching locations and driving routes.

Now, how to research? Where to start? Most people will look only for the major state and national campgrounds, which is a good place to start and have as a highlight destination. But also go beyond that and use the following RV road trip tips:

  • Start with Google Maps and your big highlight location as well as waypoints. Search for “campsites” and “campgrounds” to pull up independent locations you might not otherwise see. Call and make your reservations early.
  • Make internet searches with your relevant locations plus the words “travel blog” to get first person stories, pictures, and reviews of a location.
  • Use alternate tools like to further find things that you might have missed.

Get Your RV Tuned Up Before You Head Out

Finally, make sure your RV is road ready by contacting our team at Premier Coach Works to schedule a tuneup.