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summer road trip, 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your First RV Summer Road Trip

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your First RV Summer Road Trip

As fall comes rushing before us, it is still not too late to get an RV and go out on that summer road trip you’ve been dreaming of. But before you transition that planning into actuality, make sure you keep the following common first-time RV owner and summer road trip mistakes in mind:

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your First RV Summer Road Trip

  1. Choosing the wrong type of RV. There are so many RVs and camper trailers out there, both new and pre-owned, that it can certainly be hard to decide upon the perfect one for you and your family. Now, certainly, there are a lot of good choices out there that will serve you well, but it’s also easy to go wrong. Important things to keep in mind are to choose something that will fit both your upfront and long-term budget (gas, maintenance, etc.) and something that is a comfortable size for your family but not too big and unwieldy.
  2. Going forth without a plan. Do not fall for the fictional romance of hitting the road without a plan. Especially if you have a family. A summer road trip without a plan in place or at least some reservations made is a trip that will mean days of dashed hopes and nights spent as truck stops as you learn every quality campground is booked. So while some meandering is good, it’s best done when you have at least a solid outline of plans that include destinations, activities, and campgrounds your family can look forward to.
  3. Packing too much and packing too little. Like RV shopping, packing is an art. You don’t want to bring too much because then you and your family will feel cramped the entire summer road trip, unable to bring home any souvenirs. But on the other hand, pack too little and you’ll either be frustrated that you can’t do things like cook your favorite camp dish or overextend your finances because you have to buy things like extra bathing suits and towels to make up for what you forgot at home. The best way to avoid this common summer road trip mistake is to plan your packing list at the same time as you do your travel itinerary.

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