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motorhome collision repair, The Skills We Expect Out of Our Motorhome Collision Repair Technicians

The Skills We Expect Out of Our Motorhome Collision Repair Technicians

Our comprehensive auto body shop of Premier Coach Works isn’t part of a greater chain or franchise. Rather, we are one locally-owned and operated shop that has built a stellar reputation on delivering fast, but more importantly, quality car and motorhome collision repair work. Part of what has allowed us to build that reputation, and to continue delivering on the type of motorhome collision repair work that bolsters it, is our excellent staff that includes experienced repair technicians.

The Skills We Expect Out of Our Motorhome Collision Repair Technicians

Excellent repair technicians are those with great skills. A few of those include:

  • Active listening. Soft skills like active listening is a far, far underrated skill. Active listening is so incredibly important because so many of our clients don’t have mechanical expertise or knowledge. They cannot technically explain issues they are having but they can explain how the issues manifest in their own way. Great technicians actively listen and can translate what they hear into what they need to know for automotive repairs.
  • Critical thinking. While some collision repair jobs are easy to solve, the vast majority will require some critical thinking. This is especially true to motorhome collision repair, where there are many different types of brands and set-ups in which it’s important to consider the client’s home needs as well as their vehicle needs. Repair technicians must be adept at using logic and reasoning in order to identify the various strengths and weaknesses of each potential solution, conclusion, or similar approach to either a specific problem or overall repair job.
  • Product and situational knowledge. When a technician first graduates from a program, they have a good understanding of the basic types of repairs and problem solving skills necessary to make repairs. But what makes for an excellent motorhome collision repair technician is one who has the experience having seen and worked on a great variety of vehicles that were damaged in a variety of ways. This type of knowledge requires experience and it requires learning from each experience, creating a wealth of product and situational knowledge. Each of our automotive and motorhome collision repair technicians was partially hired based on their expertise and experience in the field.

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