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Premier Coach Works, Choose Premier Coach Works for Your Professional Fleet Repair Services

Choose Premier Coach Works for Your Professional Fleet Repair Services

Our blog here has been primarily oriented toward individual RV and campervan owners, but that isn’t the only type of customer we serve. Here at Premier Coach Works, we’re proud to serve as the professional fleet repair team for several outstanding organizations and if you are the manager or owner of a fleet, then we would love to offer you the same outstanding services.

Why Choose Premier Coach Works for Professional Fleet Repair Services

Fleet repair services or fleet maintenance refers to the packaged process of routine and emergency repair and upkeep of multiple vehicles owned by any one business or organization. Hiring out one repair and auto body shop for the entirety of your fleet repair needs provides your company with significant benefits, including:

  • Ensuring vehicles consistently remain in top condition. Signing up with a fleet repair service means that you won’t just get a place to go for emergency service, but you’ll have a team that will provide consistent routine service. This ensures your vehicles remain in good condition and that good condition means avoiding so-called ‘unexpected’ breakdowns or issues that result in costly delays and downtimes.
  • Reduced overall repair and operational costs. Fleets that are comprised of regularly maintained vehicles consume less fuel, require less oil, and develop fewer malfunctions. Issues are caught early on before they require expensive interventions. All of this means reduced overall repair and company operational costs. Furthermore, well-maintained vehicles maintain their resale value, so should you need to upgrade or shift fleet models, you’ll enjoy a better return on the older models.

Why Choose Premier Coach Works

In addition to offering the above general benefits of all fleet repair services, our team at Premier Coach Works brings the following unique advantages to the table:

  • Fully-insured repair services so that should anything go awry as a result of our work, you will be completely covered.
  • 100 percent lifetime warranty for greater peace of mind.
  • Personalized insurance consultation to ensure that you are getting the best price on every repair and service check-up.
  • Towing and accident assistance on all covered vehicles in your fleet.
  • Warranty repairs on every make and model.
  • Full collision repair including the complete structural frame repair so you can keep that customized working van on the road longer.

Contact Premier Coach Works to Learn More

Our team at Premier Coach Works has extensive experience working on commercial vans and vehicles of all types and makes. Contact Premier Coach Works today to learn more and to sign up for our fleet repair services.