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What To Do Before Getting Custom Auto Paint Applied

Did you know that cars and RVs were first painted only to prevent rust? Paint serves as a key protective layer, but now vehicle owners see it just as equally serving an aesthetic purpose. A new and fresh coat of custom auto paint can really transform your vehicle and offer fantastic protection from the outside elements.

Here at Premier Coach Works, we are proud to offer our clients a diverse array of custom auto paint options and services so they can get the exact color and look they are dreaming of. But before you drive your vehicle into our shop, be aware of the following key considerations:

What To Do Before Having Your Vehicle Painted

  1. Ask about time estimates. We know waiting for your vehicle to be finished can be frustrating, but there are some key things that can cause a custom auto paint job to take longer than expected. For example, some modern types of paint won’t correctly bind due to oxidation and blurring, so smoothing and prepping can take longer than normal. Quality custom auto paint will typically take around a week.
  2. Take out your possessions. Because of the time commitment to have your vehicle painted, you’ll want to remove all of your necessary possessions before dropping it off at our auto body shop. You’ll also want to ensure your door pockets and adjoining areas are cleared of possessions.
  3. Ask about warranties. A custom auto paint job is a big investment and as such, you shouldn’t just trust this type of job to anyone. When you shop around, always ask about a warranty and whether the shop offers protective films for extended paint protection. Walk away if they don’t. Our shop offers both of these services and are happy to talk to you about why we stand by the extended lifespan of our custom auto paint jobs.

Hire Custom Auto Paint Professionals; Hire Premier Coach Works

Don’t fall for the bait of a ‘good deal’ when it comes to painting your vehicle, as good deals often mean low experience meshed with poor quality paint, which results in you having a soon-to-be scratched up and dull exterior. Instead, go with the professionals for this job and contact our team at Premier Coach Works for a quality job that will last and look fantastic every day.