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Tips to Find the Right RV Auto Body Shop After an Accident

You’d be hardpressed to find someone who hasn’t been a car accident at least once in their lifetime. While driver-assist technologies are certainly getting better and better, collisions are still a regular part of our modern world. So if you’ve been in an accident with your RV, the first thing to do is stay calm. Then, make sure everyone involved in the accident is alright and contact the correct authorities, including your insurance company, to ensure the next steps are done correctly. If your RV was damaged in the collision, you’ll also want to start thinking about what RV auto body shop you’ll want to go to. The following are a few tips for how to find the right RV auto body shop that’ll give you quality work at fair rates:

Tips to Find the Right RV Auto Body Shop After an Accident

  • OEM Certification. The big RV companies all produce and market their own spare parts. These companies then award OEM Certification, or Original Equipment Manufacturer Certification, to those auto body shops that have met the specifications they set out to ensure their products are correctly installed. If you have a newer or very unique model of motorhome, then you should ask the RV auto body shop you’re looking at whether or not they have this certificate for your vehicle.
  • In-house or Outsourced Work. RVs are very complicated machines being they are part transportation and part home. As such, many regular mechanics and automotive repair shops won’t have the right tools or experience to repair every type of RV job. For example, they may be able to fix damage to the body panels but be unable to correctly repair the paint and so they will outsource this part of the repair job. But do you really want to trust a third-party to do this work and not the auto body shop you initially hired? Always ask whether a repair shop is equipped to do all of the work in-house and if not, find out what they outsource, to who, and how much those costs will be.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials. Customer reviews will always be the best way to gauge the reliability and service quality of any business, RV auto body shop included. Check your prospective shop’s online presence and go to the reviews sections. Facebook, Google, and Yelp are all great places to search through customer reviews in order to gain an idea of how well trusted a shop is. One particularly smart thing to look for is turnaround time and how accurate a shop was with their estimates. Avoid shops that consistently go over on their estimates.

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