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RV collision repair, 4 Things to Look for in a RV Collision Repair Company

4 Things to Look for in a RV Collision Repair Company

Accidents are stressful no matter where they happen, whether it’s at your backdoor or in the backcountry. But when you are close to home, at least you have your local mechanic to go to. If you’re on the road, it can be frustrating not to know who to call. Our team at Premier Coach Works aim to make RV collision repair on the road as easy as possible with fast service and friendly faces at our Arizona location. But whether you choose us or another near where your RV collision occurred, make sure your prospective company has these four things that prove they are a good choice for RV collision repair:

4 Things to Look for in a RV Collision Repair Company

  • A large bay. RVs and motorhomes are not small vehicles. These are massive pieces of machinery that require a massive area within which to work. Make sure that the RV collision repair company you are planning to take your RV to has the right set-up to repair your vehicle inside and out of the elements before you call for towing.
  • Offers towing services. Speaking of which, keep your costs down by making sure a prospective repair shop offers towing for RVs specifically or has a contractor with whom they work with on such big rig jobs. Automotive companies well-versed in repairing RVs will have plenty of experience getting broken and damaged RVs to their shop.
  • Ask for dealer recommendations. If you can’t decide between RV repair shops, then another good tip to ensure you’re choosing a good one is to call up a local dealership and ask for their recommendations. RV dealerships are often staffed by RV enthusiasts themselves who are within the local RV network and are well-versed in who around town offers a good deal, good service, and good turnaround times and who does not.
  • Research their marketing and look for an auto repair shop that specializes in RVs. There are all kinds of automotive repair shops. There are shops who are only really well-versed in fast oil and tire changes, there are the ones who only work on newer models, ones that only work on classic car restorations, and ones who try and do it all. At Premier Coach Works, RVs are a significant portion of our work and any fast look at our online presence and media pages will show that we have a lot of RV customers and experience. Those who specialize in RVs are going to be more adept at diagnosing problems and getting them repaired quickly and cost-effectively.

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