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How to Maintain Your RV’s Custom Body Paint

Here at Premier Coach Works, one of the personalized services we offer is custom body paint for our customers. Whether you have a series of fleet vehicles that need customization, or a vintage RV needing that special shade of blue, we are your local El Mirage auto body shop. Of course, once you sign off and drive out with your fresh-looking vehicle, it’s up to you to keep it looking as good as it did when it rolled out of our shop. The following are a few tips for keeping that custom body paint job looking its best:

Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Body Paint

Handwash with the Right Tools

Custom body paint jobs should be considered a long-term investment, and that means an investment of time as well as finances. While it may be tempting to grab the first soap you see on the shelf or do a quick clean at the local machine car wash, it’s rarely a good idea. Dish soap, laundry soap, and cheap car wash soap, can and will destroy custom paint. So instead, use quality soap and other products by trusted brands like Meguiar’s. Furthermore, when washing your vehicle, do so in the shade, thoroughly soak and clean from the top down, and apply soap with a folded microfiber towel and in straight lines. Never scrub hard. Instead continue to spray with soap and allow the ingredients to soak and break down the grime on their own.

Dry as Meticulously as You Wash

When drying, you’ll want to stay in the shade and use larger microfiber towels. Never use a standard cotton or other material cloth or towel as such materials may scratch the paint. Have plenty of secondary towels on hand to swap out when needed. Drying properly will prevent hard water marks.

Get a Shine with Polish, Glaze, or Clay Bars

Once your vehicle is dry, you might notice a few imperfections that didn’t wash away with the soap. For these, a little extra detailing may be in order. Polish, glaze, and clay bars are all great methods for getting your vehicle that extra level of gloss. Remember to read the full manufacturing instructions on any product you ultimately choose and consider. You may even want to watch a few YouTube instruction videos before getting started on any unfamiliar materials.


Finally, waxing should be done every three months to protect your vehicle’s paint. Whether you opt to wax by hand or by using an electrical orbital waxer, the key here is to apply the wax to the applicator and not directly to the vehicle. Work on one area at a time (a good tip is to go body panel to body panel) and stay close as it dries. Once the wax looks hazy, rub across it with your finger. If it easily breaks apart, its time to buff off with a microfiber towel or fresh power pad.

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