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el mirage rv repair, Avoid Expensive El Mirage RV Repair for Plumbing With These Tips

Avoid Expensive El Mirage RV Repair for Plumbing With These Tips

Are you preparing your RV for a big upcoming trip or your first weekender away from home? A good way to ensure you make the most out of your trip is to know what not to do. Especially when it comes to your RV’s sink, toilet, and other plumbing fixtures and piping.

The piping and fixtures that are a part of your RV’s plumbing system go a long way in making your RV a home away from home. But if you don’t take proper care, those same nice amenities can create a frustrating situation that may require expensive repair. While our own El Mirage RV repair team endeavors to keep costs low for our clients, the best way you can keep your money in your wallet is by being smart about the care and maintenance of your RV’s plumbing. Get started with these tips:

How To Avoid Expensive El Mirage RV Plumbing Repair

  • Know how to maintain & empty your black water tank. Part of what’s great about an RV is having  private comforts, such as a private bathroom on the road. And you can enjoy those private comforts while simultaneously avoiding expensive El Mirage RV repair by simply following the right care and maintenance protocols. This means not ignoring your toilet but rather using the right commercial black water tank products that will help wastes break down, keep sensors operating, and provide odor control. You can talk to one of our friendly mechanics to learn more about the best products to use for your specific system.
  • Know what not to put down the drains. RV drains are not home drains. They do not go out to a public waste system, nor are the pipes built of the same material and thickness. Things that should never go down any of the drains in your RV include (but are not limited to): Grease, oil, caustic cleaners or solvents, food scraps, most household toilet chemicals and cleaners, high-ply toilet paper, and pine oil. When in doubt, throw it out (not drain it out).

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