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rv roof repair, Should I Hire Someone for RV Roof Repair?

Should I Hire Someone for RV Roof Repair?

There are people who will insist on always doing their own repairs and those who always hire out a professional no matter the issue. But most homeowners and RV owners probably lie somewhere in-between, from DIY clearing out a small clog to needing a professional for a specialized professional job. An RV roof repair job for roofing leaks is often one example that can go either way.

Roofing Leaks: Knowing Whether You Should DIY or Hire for RV Roof Repair

First off, a leaky roof should never be ignored, no matter how small. Water is one of the most damaging materials to an RV. You let a little bit of water start soaking through your roof and you risk mold and wood rot, which can ruin the entire structural integrity of your RV.

The good news is that RV roof leaks are not always hard to fix, nor are they always expensive. The trick is knowing when you can get the job done and when to schedule a repair job by a professional. Let’s look at some good questions that can help give you an idea of who might be best for the job:

How severe is the roof leak? Sometimes, all you will need to do is use a bit of sealant to resolve a small puncture or gap that is causing a leak, which a handy owner can do all on their own. However, if you have a major roof leak, maybe a branch tore a hole through the wall or the entire side of a roofing fixture has come apart, then hiring out is the best choice.

How large is your RV? Smaller RVs are easier for handy owners to manage and repair. This is because you have fewer underlying systems to worry about and area to cover. Larger RVs are apt to come with roofs loaded with venting and electrical components that must be navigated with care.

When in Doubt, Hire Out

Confident and handy owners know their RV roof’s functions so they can spot potential issues, but even the most confident owner might run into something unfamiliar. For those situations, and when the RV roofing job is too big or severe to handle, our team at Premier Coach Works can help. Give us a call today to schedule your next service visit.