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, End of Winter Maintenance Tasks You Don’t Want to Skip

End of Winter Maintenance Tasks You Don’t Want to Skip

Winter is officially over and Spring is well on its way! For us, that means more adventures and more time outdoors. But if you plan on doing such in your RV, it is important to make sure your rig’s properly prepared for the new season. Consider the following key end of winter maintenance tasks every RV owner should do:

  •  Batteries should be checked every season, but it is especially important during end of winter maintenance when taking them out of storage. This is because batteries will commonly discharge when left in long-term storage. One of the first things RV owners should do following a long time away from the rig is to fully charge the batteries and add distilled water where applicable.
  • Check your seams. All seams and sealants should have been checked for potential leaks before putting your vehicle into winter storage, but it is also a good idea to check them as you take it out. Stuffy, hot garages and even conditioned storage units can lead to sealant degrading and becoming faulty. Degraded sealant is incredibly dangerous, as it can lead to water leaks and water leaks lead to some of the most expensive repair needs. If you are not sure what good sealant should look and feel like, consider hiring a professional to give your RV a full inspection.
  • The whole plumbing system. Your RV’s water system will need to be inspected for leaks and sanitized before use following a long winter storage. This can be easily done by fully flushing water through the entirety of your system with an appropriate sanitizer. This flushing of the system will take out any mold and other contaminants that might have set up shop, as well as provide an easy way for you to check for any leaks. One quarter-cup of household bleach for every 15 gallons that your RV’s freshwater tank holds is a good measurement to use.

Have a Mechanic Inspect Your Tires, Oil, and Other Essentials

It is also a good idea to undergo a full checkup visit before heading out on the road following winter storage. This includes tire inspection, oil changes, wiper fluids, and other updates that seem small on paper but can become a big deal when they cause issues on the road. Contact our team to schedule your end of winter maintenance visit.