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How To Prepare for RV Repairs

Accidents happen. Malfunctions can occur without warning. No matter how safe you are, you may still find yourself broken down on the side of the road. What happens next will depend upon how well you prepared yourself and your RV for the eventuality of needing RV repairs. Prepare yourself today by following this tipsheet:

How To Prepare for RV Repairs Big & Small

  1. Put together an RV repair packet. For RV repairs that are too big for you to fix, it’s important to have all your information together in preparation for towing and maintenance at a repair shop. This means having handy the following documents:
    • Extra copies of your RV insurance (if you have a towable, have your vehicle insurance and any extending insurance that covers the towable).
    • Tow vehicle insurance and memberships, such as AAA.
    • Summarized list of contact information for each insurance applicable plan (name, policy number, and phone number).
  2. Pack the WD-40 products. WD-40 Multi-Use is fantastic for serving as a corrosion inhibitor and lubricant to loosen stuck metals that might be the root cause of a problem. WD-40 also has a silicone lubricant that waterproofs and protects non-metal surfaces and can serve as an emergency RV repairs sealant. Finally, there’s a WD electrical contact cleaner that can assist you if you have an electrical issue caused by a dirtied, corroded circuit board, electrical panel, or other electrical components.
  3. Have your warranty and service plans handy and make sure you understand them. Everything in your RV has a manufacturer that can be located and all of your major appliances, equipment, and RV parts should have some type of warranty. For example, should your RV stove break down, you should have a booklet that lets you know whether any manufacturer warranty you hold applies. You should also be able to find that manufacturer’s service hotline, who can connect you with a technical team to guide you through the most common RV repairs. Having that information handy now by creating a binder or computer folder will save you a headache and frustrations tomorrow when you have an RV mishap.

For Major RV Repairs, Contact Premier Coach Works

If you’re in the area and find yourself with frustrating RV repairs, let our team assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a maintenance or service check-up today.