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collision repair, Investing in a Backup Camera After RV Collision Repairs

Investing in a Backup Camera After RV Collision Repairs

Being in an accident with your RV can be a frustrating, scary, and potentially expensive experience. The good news is that when you go to an experienced and quality auto body repair shop like Premier Coach Works, you can expect to receive the highest quality of work to ensure that your RV gets back on the road as quickly as possible. While your RV is in the shop, this might also be a great time to consider a few improvements. Especially improvements that can help you avoid common causes of RV accidents, like the addition of backup cameras and parking sensors.

Prevent Future Collision Repair with a Backup Camera & Parking Sensors

As of this year, all newly manufactured vehicles sold in the United States have to include a backup camera. This new regulation was instituted by the federal government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to their significant research that found that standard backup cameras go a long way in preventing injury, death, and property damage.

However, this new rule, as written, mandates that the backup camera be required only of all vehicles under 10,000 pounds. This means that there are still plenty of mid to large-size motorhomes being manufactured that are not sold with rearview cameras. In addition, our team sees plenty of units that don’t have such an important safety feature equipped.

Backup cameras and sensors are so important on large rigs like RVs and motorhomes as many of the minor collisions that occur happen when a driver is trying to navigate in tight, unfamiliar spaces, such as at a campground. Backup sensors and a rearview camera give drivers a more thorough picture of what is occurring around the vehicle as they maneuver in and out of space to prevent hitting obstacles that might have otherwise been in a blind spot. Many backup cameras will also offer on-screen parking guidance in the form of two parallel lines that assist the driver into the most appropriate driving direction.

Have Your RV Collision Repair Team Install a Rearview Camera Today

For those vehicles without backup cameras, having a system added is fairly easy and inexpensive. In fact, some aftermarket systems can be had for as low as $10! Of course, these are pretty basic and for the best effects, we recommend for RV owners to prepare to spend between $100 and $500 plus labor on a desirable system. For wired backup sensors and rearview cameras, our team will mount the cameras appropriately and run the wires through to properly equip a dash-mounted monitor or integrate it with your current infotainment system where available. This is an easy project that can be easily added onto any other RV collision repair or maintenance work you are currently undergoing.

For more information on our recommended brands or to schedule an appointment to get your RV serviced, repaired, and updated with aftermarket products, contact us at Premier Coach Works.