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rvs and pets, RVs and Pets: Is It Okay to Leave My Pet Inside My RV?

RVs and Pets: Is It Okay to Leave My Pet Inside My RV?

RVs and pets simply go together, regardless of if you have a cat or dog. That’s because RVers spend more time in and about their RV and thus more time with their pets. Cats will enjoy plenty of new sights outside of their windows while dogs will get to consistently explore new places and new scents. However, while you will spend more time in your RV with your pets, there are times when you’ll have to head out to non pet friendly locations and you’ll find yourself asking the question of whether it’s safe to leave your pet in the RV.

RVs and Pets: Is It Okay to Leave My Pet Alone Inside My RV?

As with most things, the answer to this RVs and pets question is it depends.

So, let’s begin with the number one time and place that it’s not okay to leave your pet in an RV. If you own a 5th wheel or travel trailer, which is a camper that is not connected to the cab where you ride in, you should never leave a pet alone in a trailer while you’re driving. This is because both the temperatures in the towable trailer can get excessively high and your pet is apt to get injured when they aren’t secured while you’re driving. If they do get injured, those injuries can become worse without you there to mitigate them.

Now, for the times when it’s possible to leave your pet alone inside the RV. Once you’ve reached your campground of choice and have set up your RV or your camper trailer and get your pet acquainted, you’ll undoubtedly encounter situations where you have to step away from your pet. Maybe a neighbor invites you inside their RV for their weekly poker game or you want to take a break from the camp fare and eat at a local restaurant. For these RVs and pets situations, it is okay to leave your pet for a short time within the RV so long as you ensure the following:

  • Your dog is comfortable enough being alone so as to not bark and disturb the neighbors.
  • You are parked in a shaded space and can ensure the temperature is set at a comfortable setting.
  • You won’t be gone for more than a couple of hours and/or can have someone check to be sure the AC/heating has remained on and that (if you have a dog) they aren’t disturbing the peace.

RVs and Pets: Get Your RV Ready for Your Pet

As with most things, it may be a gradual process before you feel comfortable leaving your pet in your RV for longer than the time it takes to take a shower. Simply have patience and move at the speed that you’re comfortable with. And don’t forget to ensure that your RV is pet and road ready by scheduling a maintenance checkup at Premier Coach Works.