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rvs and pets, RVs and Pets: Introducing Your Cat to Your Motorhome

RVs and Pets: Introducing Your Cat to Your Motorhome

When it comes to camping, dogs are often showcased as the obvious go-to pet for hiking and outdoor adventures. But dogs aren’t the only pet that makes for a solid camp comrade — at least not if you’re traveling by RV. Cats, America’s second most popular pet, are well-suited to RV life, as it means a lot of time with you and enjoying exciting new sights and scents. However, it’s important to properly introduce your cat to the RV before you hit the road to ensure they feel safe and comfortable. The following is a look at a few key tips for how to ensure your next adventure with RVs and pets goes well:

RVs and Pets: Introducing Your Cat to Your Motorhome

  • Create a safe and designated litter box. Stability and routine are incredibly important to most cats and a big part of that is having a solid place to do their business. The first way to cat-prep your RV is to determine where best to keep a permanent litter box. A lot of people opt to put the litter box in the shower thinking they’ll save space, but if you use your RV shower (in lieu of the camp ones), then you’ll constantly be disrupting your cat by having to move the litter box. So instead, consider converting a bottom cabinet in the bathroom or galley area and using that space as a permanent litter box zone.
  • Create a hiding space and a see-it-all space. Cats both want a space to get away from it all and a space to see it all. To do the first in an RV, create a safe, dark space, such as beneath a bed or in a dining room nook, where your cat can hide away with their favorite bedding. For the latter, consider all the windows in your RV and choose one under which you can install a sitting board (a simple 2×4 with carpet will do) to give them a spot to enjoy as a lookout.
  • Go slow with introductions. Where possible, you should go slowly over the course of a week to introduce your cat to the RV as it’s parked at your property. Allow them to spend four-hour increments each day in the space with their favorite toys and regular bedding and food supplies. If this isn’t possible, give your cat at least an overnight alone in the RV to explore before hitting the road for the first time.

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