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custom body paint, A Look at a Few Key Ingredients in Your Custom Body Paint

A Look at a Few Key Ingredients in Your Custom Body Paint

One of the services we offer at our shop of Premier Coach Works is custom body paint jobs. Our expert automotive painters can paint just about anything. Whether you want to add your RV’s name across its rear-end, or cover up repair work with a complete custom body paint job, we have the tools and the team to get the job done.

Naturally, at the heart of our tools is the actual paint used on vehicles. Have you ever wondered what it is about automotive paint that makes it so effective? Here are some of the key ingredients in auto body paint:

Key Ingredients in Custom Auto Body Paint

  • Fillers. Don’t let the name fool you, as fillers aren’t just things used to complete a paint. Rather, fillers are unique pigments that won’t alter the set (and desired) color of a given paint, but will enhance that paint’s weight and thickness. Making a paint thicker and heavier makes it more durable, and a paint that is more durable is one that lasts longer thanks to its ability to withstand bumps and elemental forces. Common types of fillers include lime, processed quartz, and talc.
  • Xylene. Xylene is a solvent that is most commonly found in fuels like gasoline, but it can also be used in more specialty areas, including paint. When added to paint, xylene increases drying time so as to help ensure that the painters can apply a more consistent and even coat of paint across a vehicle.
  • Resin. Resin is a thick liquid sourced from trees and other plants (especially conifer plants) that has historically been used as a glue and preservative. Today, auto paint manufacturers use those sticky properties of resin to help bind the solvents and pigments together in the paint itself and help to ensure that the entirety of the paint correctly adheres to the vehicle once painted on. When shopping for any type of auto paint, you should always look at the percentage of resin included. Quality paints will always have more resin than cheaper paints and that difference is largely what results in a more durable finish.

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