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auto body shop, RV Accident? Don’t Wait, Take it to an Auto Body Shop Today

RV Accident? Don’t Wait, Take it to an Auto Body Shop Today

Even the most careful of drivers are bound to experience a collision. In fact, according to automotive insurance estimates, the average American driver files a claim for a collision about once every 17.9 years. This means that a driver who got their license at 16 can expect to have been in at least three accidents by the time they are 70. So as undesirable as the thought might be, it’s important for owners of RVs to prepare for a possible RV accident and have plans in place for repair. This includes keeping a separate repair fund and having a professional auto body shop in mind where you can take your RV for immediate damage repairs.

RV Accident? Don’t Delay Taking it to an Auto Body Shop for Repair

Common causes of RV accidents include badly balanced loads, tire failures, inexperienced drivers behind the wheel, and confusion about local road signs and similar local road conditions. Common results of an RV accident include tire issues, damages to the roof, dents along the side paneling and even framing issues. In any event, following an accident, it is vital to immediately take your RV to a professional auto body shop with experience in RV repair and restoration.

You should never delay an RV collision repair for two important reasons. First, delaying a repair can cause further issues and damages requiring more expensive repairs further down the line. For example, if your RV collided with a low bridge, large branch, or another object that caused damages to the roofline, then those damages may have also opened up a hole for water intrusion. Water intrusion, if not repaired immediately, can lead to mold and wood rot which can require major and extensive work. Even if there are no visible damages following such a collision, responsible RV owners should still consider having the materials inspected by an auto body shop.

The second reason not to delay RV collision repair is due to even minor accidents posing the risk for further, more serious harm. The most common example of this involves tires. RV tires are arguably among the most important components of the RV when it comes to performance and function as their pressure dictates how much load the vehicle can carry. During the event of a collision, tires can and often do lose pressure or become damaged in other ways. Operating and continuing to drive an RV with tire issues can lead to a tire blowout at an inopportune time which, at best can leave you stranded on the road and at worst in another, more serious collision. In general, it’s advisable to inspect RV tire pressure every morning while the vehicle is in use as well as immediately before driving to a new location.

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