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premier coach works, The Premier Coach Works Guide to RV Classes

The Premier Coach Works Guide to RV Classes

RVs, or Recreational Vehicles, come in an exciting array of sizes and types, each one offering friends and families a unique and comfortable way to spend quality time together in the beautiful outdoors. RVs offer their owners a special type of freedom to go wherever the road takes them, and to do so in comfort. But not all RVs are designed the same and what is perfect for one family may not be well-suited to another. The following is a quick Premier Coach Works guide to the major RV classes:

The Premier Coach Works Guide to RV Classes

  • Class A RVs. These are the big boys of the road, weighing between 13,000 and 30,000 pounds. Class A RVs are very often seen as true second homes with large and luxurious living spaces and tons of amenities. Most in this class are capable of sleeping upwards of ten people and are a great choice for large families or those who are looking to do some serious road travel.
  • Class C RVs. Sometimes referred to as “mini-motorhomes”, Class C RVs are generally built on a truck or van chassis with an attached cab and an overhang that extends over that cab. These are the second largest type of RV (despite them being labeled as “C” and not “B”) and are an ideal choice for midsize families looking to do extended travel as they are packed with many homelike amenities and are fairly easy to drive.
  • Class B RVs. This class covers all of the campervans that have been growing in popularity in recent years. Sprinter, Ford Transit, and the Ram Promaster are just a few of the big names in this class. While campervans are significantly smaller than Class A or Class C RVs, they tend to offer more personal design options. In fact, there is a growing segment of RV buyers who are purchasing empty campervans and outfitting them from the ground up. The big advantages of this size are the ability to get 4×4 capabilities and better fuel economy.
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailer. This is a type of RV that is towed behind a large truck. Fifth-wheels are outfitted much like Class A RVs in that they are spacious and full of homelike amenities, making them a great pick for families of four and more. They are also very heavy and will require a powerful pickup truck with the necessary coupling component.
  • Truck Camper. This is one of the most affordable types of RVs and can be easily attached and removed to an ordinary pickup truck. This makes them easy to drive and operate but are much less spacious and are a good choice for weekend travelers and those who prefer being outdoors more than in.
  • Pop-Up Camper. Don’t have a truck? Or want something a bit more versatile? Pop-up campers are ideal for easy folding down and expanding. They are lightweight and can be towed behind many style vehicles, including properly equipped crossovers and hatchbacks.

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