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RV insurance, RV Insurance Tips: Being Prepared Before the Accident

RV Insurance Tips: Being Prepared Before the Accident

As careful as you might be, you never know what or who you may encounter on the road. Accidents can happen in even the most mundane situations and you may be doing everything right but still be unable to prevent a car colliding into your vehicle. But while you may not be able to prevent a certain accident, what you can do is ensure you are properly prepared to act swiftly following it. Gathering the right items and having an action list for a ‘just in case’ scenario is practical both in the sense that it makes the RV insurance claims process go easier and it helps you stay focused. Get started today with the following preparation tips:

RV Insurance Claims & Tips: Being Prepared Before the Accident

  • Have an envelope with copies of the essential documents. Make copies of your driver’s licesne, RV registration, and RV insurance information and put it all into one envelope that can be easily grabbed in an emergency. Likewise, this envelope should be checked every six months to ensure it includes the current RV insurance. If you are in an accident, keep a copy of any insurance claims numbers here as well.
  • Check insurance information for drivers other than yourself. Don’t allow anyone behind the wheel of your RV until you know if they are covered by doing so. Check with your insurance company and with theirs, as even if another driver causes an accident while they are behind the wheel, you may not be covered or only partially covered, as fault and payouts will be determined largely by the state in which you have the accident in.
  • Keep recording tools on you. Always have a notebook and pen in your RV so you can easily swap driver and RV insurance information with other parties in the event of an accident (plus pen and notebook tend to come in handy for a lot of other everyday things). Also, having a camera, either a digital or disposable one, is also a good idea for snapping quick shots that can be readily developed the next time you visit a pharmacy. After an accident, and after you have insured everyone is safe and medical team members have been contacted to assist those who are injured, you will want to take photos of the following things:
    • The contact information and insurance policy of all driver’s involved (have this written down and have photos of the original documents)
    • License plates of every vehicle involved in the accident
    • Damages done to your RV and any damages caused to other vehicles
    • Pertinent environmental sights such as road signs, pot holes, road curvatures, and other identifying landmarks or things that may have contributed to the accident itself.

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If you have been in an accident and need a qualified RV mechanic to repair the damages made to your vehicle and work with your insurance company, then look no further! Contact our team today and let’s get you back on the road and on with your adventures tomorrow.