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rv paint, Keep Your RV Paint Looking Great By Avoiding These Mistakes

Keep Your RV Paint Looking Great By Avoiding These Mistakes

Here at Premier Coach Works, one of the advanced services we are proud to provide is full RV paint and vinyl decal installation. We also complete a lot of vinyl repairs and exterior paint touch-ups — and we get a lot of reasons for why they need those touch-ups. While you may think that minor accidents and parking lot mishaps might be the most common reason behind needing a refreshed RV paint job, the truth is most of the time the reasons are because of mundane ‘should have been avoided’ mistakes. Whether you have a new RV with a new paint job or you’ve just gotten a fresh RV paint job done by our pros, make sure you keep it looking great longer with the following advice:

Keep Your RV Paint Looking Great By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

  • Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight. Our team uses the best in UV-protective RV paint, but even the best products cannot protect your RV 100% from long-term sun exposure. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight will dull the exterior paint gloss, cause bright colors to fade, and can lead to cracking and peeling. Avoid this by keeping your RV in a garage, underneath cloth covers, or where it otherwise will be shielded from most of the sun’s rays.
  • Avoid parking beneath low tree canopies. Parking beneath tree canopies may seem like a great idea to prevent against the aforementioned direct sunlight. However, they can also be the worst place to park your RV. That’s because low hanging branches can scratch your RV and will drop leaves and sap that sticks to your RV’s roof and leaves behind a sticky and discolored residue on once shiny and clean surfaces. There is also a great risk of mold and mildew growth. If you do have to park underneath trees whether at your house or a campground, then be proactive and try and do a sweep and clean of your RV’s roof and top walls once a week.
  • Avoid using power buffers and harsh chemicals. Power bufffers are easy and they make fast work out of what might otherwise be massive projects. However, when not used correctly they can also make that fast work, fast damaging work. Most power buffers require the use of harsh chemicals that strip your RV paint and leave behind permanent damage. Hand buffing may take longer, but it also means that you won’t inadvertently damage your RV’s paint and vinyl coatings. Additionally, when buffing or simply washing your RV, make sure to always check the labels in their entirety. While removing tar and insects might be great, products overloaded with chemicals won’t just stop there and will instead also work away at your paint and chrome surfaces.

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