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rv interior restoration, RV Interior Restoration 101: The RV Sofa Bed

RV Interior Restoration 101: The RV Sofa Bed

Looking to do some major RV interior restoration work? One big item that many people who are new to RVing and have an older RV should pay attention to is the sofa bed. An RV sofa bed is a critical component of any RV, as this is the place where people will generally relax and congregate during the day and, if you ever have guests or you bring your family along, it’s where some will sleep at night. Being so frequently used, the RV sofa bed is one of the most frequently replaced items and a central component of any major RV interior restoration project. If it’s time for you to replace your lumpy rendition, then here’s what you should know about the different types of RV sofa beds:

RV Interior Restoration 101: The RV Sofa Bed

The different types of RV sofa beds include:

  • The Jackknife. This style sofa bed is also popular in sailboats and operates similarly to a futon mattress. The jackknife sofa bed appears as a normal sofa when upright, but by pulling the bottom portion, the owner can slide the couch into a bed. This design can be a real space saver. However, because the top portion is designed primarily to serve as the back of the sofa, many people may find it uncomfortable to sleep on.
  • The Traditional Hide-a-Bed. Bulkier, but also more comfortable, the traditional hide-a-bed is one in which you take the sofa cushions off to pull out a metal-framed bed with a light mattress. This style RV sofa bed is significantly more comfortable, but it is also heavy and not a good choice for RV owners concerned about maintaining weight limits.
  • The Air Mattress Hide-a-Bed. Air mattresses have come a long way in terms of durability and comfort. Newer RVs now often come equipped with sofas with air mattresses inside that operate similar to the aforementioned metal-framed hide-a-bed but instead of that traditional frame and mattress, you have an air mattress. The air mattresses in these style of sofas are incredibly durable and built to be easily inflated and deflated. Many also consider them to offer incredible support and comfort that makes them an ideal choice for sensitive sleepers.

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