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3 RV Maintenance & Care Tips To Extend the Life of Your Tires

Your RV tires are a critical component of your vehicle. In fact, investing in good tires can be one of the best investments you make for your adventure vehicle. In a way, tires are the foundation upon which the entire rig sets and, just like a building’s foundation, you want to make sure your RVs foundation is properly maintained and cared for. The following is a look at the key RV maintenance and tire care tips we have for all RV drivers as they get their vehicles ready to hit the road:

3 RV Maintenance & Care Tips That’ll Extend the Life of Your RV Tires

  • Check your tread. As we enter winter, now is a key time to check the tread on all of your RV tires and, if you plan on going where it’s going to be wet and snowy, consider switching to all-season tires. To check your tire tread, take a quarter and put it George Washington head down into the groove. The top of his head should be flush or below the tread line — anything else and it’s time to swap the tires out. These grooves are critical for displacing water and icy slush to keep your RV stable on the road.
  • Add tire pressure valve extenders and check your tire pressure. It can be rough to access the valves on RV tires so we recommend getting tire pressure valve extenders to make the task easy. During the winter and big trips, aim to check your pressure once every month.
  • Cover up your RV tires when in storage or when sitting long-term. The sun can do an incredible amount of damage to tires, causing premature cracking and fading. This is especially true here in the southern half of the country where we see a lot more sunny days than not. So if you plan on leaving your RV in storage or if you’re parking it at a campsite for a couple of weeks, consider lifting them and having them completely covered with coverings made from UV protective materials.

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