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RV Life Tips for the Kitchen

Whether you are going full-time with RV life or you’re just planning a weekend adventure with the kids, one of the most important things to learn is how to keep a kitchen and prepare a quality meal in your RV. Living on the road offers many opportunities and benefits, but it also has some challenges. One of those challenges is limited kitchen and cooking space, which can make it hard to get excited about cooking. The following is a look at our favorite tips and tricks to improve your kitchen setup and improve your RV cooking style:

RV Life Tips for the Kitchen

  • Plan for movement. Even the slowest, most cautious of drivers will cause items to slide, fall, and roll when driving an RV. This can make for big messes fast if you don’t properly secure things (think broken glass bottles and scattered fruit). The best way to do this is to first, say no to flimsy plastic bags. Instead, after shopping, secure all your items in baskets and cartons that can be secured with bungee cords or safely stowed in cabinets and the fridge.
  • Don’t rely on refrigeration. Having an RV offers a big benefit of being able to plug into an electrical outlet once you arrive at your recreation destination. However, if you do a lot of in-between driving or you want to do some boondocking, then relying too heavily on refrigeration can be dangerous, as too long without electricity may result in spoiled food. So, instead consider planning for more shelf-stable meals featuring things like pasta, potatoes, canned tuna, dried meats, and similar items. Furthermore, as long as your RV is at a comfortable ambient temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, items like cheese, eggs, and fruit will be just fine for a couple of days without refrigeration.
  • Get an Instant Pot. Sure, when you live in an RV, one of the first things you learn about RV life is keeping things simple and downsized. With that said, one kitchen item that is so helpful and versatile that it’s well worth adding to your appliances, is the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is fast, efficient, and safe. With it, you can prepare and cook so many delicious dishes like rice, veggie sautees, chili, and more.
  • Cook once, eat twice or thrice. Cooking in an RV is a big production because the space tends to be really small and you are frequently cooking for more people then you would back home. Therefore, it can get really tiring to cook one big meal after another. The key here is to go big on day one so that you will have enough leftovers for at least one other meal (such as lunch).

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