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winter maintenance, Your Winter Maintenance Appointment: 3 Things We Check

Your Winter Maintenance Appointment: 3 Things We Check

Winter might seem a long way away now, but early planning and making preparations for RV winter maintenance is always a good idea. This is especially true if you are planning an extended vacation and even just a few weekend RV trips during the cooler weather season. Keep in mind that cold weather often leads to increased stresses on your vehicles and that many of the conditions that come with winters, such as sleet and icy roads, can pose a number of safety issues. Such safety risks can significantly be mitigated with preemptive maintenance and ensuring your RV and other vehicles are always in their best conditions. The following is a look at some of the most important winter maintenance things your service technician will complete to ensure your vehicle is properly prepared for the changing season:

3 Important Winter Maintenance Steps

  • Change your engine oil and filter. RVs are big machines that do a lot of work and making sure you have new engine oil and a clean filter at the start of the winter season will help ensure that it handles all that work effectively. Also, ask your service technician about which type of oil to use. Often, running a thinner and modern synthetic oil is a better choice as it offers better anti-friction protection and is better equipped to handle the coldest of winter temperatures.
  • Check your tire pressure and consider switching to winter tires.While some all-season radial tires may be sufficient for all year driving on paved roads, if you venture in more backwoods areas with your camping then you will probably want to switch to something more rugged. But whether you keep your current tires through the winter months or switch, it is important to check their tread and ensure they are at the correct PSI. Deep tread and fully inflated tires keep your vehicle traveling safely over the rough and slick roads common in the winter.
  • Check your batteries and implement proper storage when putting up your RV. During colder temperatures, RV batteries tend to require more power in order to start the vehicle. This makes it important to have your RV batteries inspected and potentially replaced during your winter maintenance visit. For best effects, RV batteries should have a standing charge of at least 12.4 volts, fluids should be topped at the full level line, and all connections should be cleaned of any rust and tightly snugged down. If you are planning to store your RV, remove all battery connections to prevent unwanted voltage draws.

Schedule Your Next Maintenance Visit at Premier Coach Works

Are you getting ready for some winter travels? Or maybe you found our business page because you are planning on traveling through Arizona during your fall and winter travels? In either case, consider scheduling your winter maintenance visit now. Things can get busy during those nice cooler months and planning out your visit now will help ensure that you don’t have to stress about schedules come October or November. Contact us today!