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RV insurance, 5 Things To Remember When Buying RV Insurance

5 Things To Remember When Buying RV Insurance

Living and traveling in an RV is a wonderful way to experience the country and spend time with loved ones. But before you pack up, you need to ensure your new rig is properly insured.

RV insurance and camper insurance is a separate type of vehicle insurance that can be tricky to navigate when buying for the first time. Here are five important things you should know before you sign onto a policy:

1: Know that your trailer insurance won’t cover a motorhome.

First things first, yes, you do need separate RV insurance even if you have trailer insurance. Trailer insurance, even the best kind, will only cover what is being directly towed by your vehicle, while it’s being towed, and generally only if it meets specific weight guidance.

2: Your truck bed camper will need its own insurance.

A lot of people think that they can get away without extra insurance if they go the truck camper route. Think again. Anything over 10,000 lbs added to the back of your truck will need specialized insurance.

3: Get emergency expenses covered.

An RV in the repair shop means no transportation and no home. Make sure you get the emergency expenses add-on which will reimburse you for living expenses in the event of an accident.

4: Everyone needs liability insurance.

Lawsuits have become as American as apple pie. Make sure you are protected from someone getting injured while in your RV with general liability coverage.

5: RVs in storage often need special coverage.

Many big rig and specialty storage places are not going to allow an uninsured vehicle to be stored on-site. They want to protect themselves from potential lawsuits by ensuring everyone else has their own coverage, which typically means specific coverage for any damages or theft incurred when stored under normal situations.

Have You Been in an RV Accident? We’ll Get You Back on the Road

Dealing with insurance providers is never fun. From navigating the potential policies to calling in a claim, we understand that it can be frustrating. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our team at Premier Coach Works works every day with insurers around the country, making sure our clients get what they need to get back on the road. Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule a repair.