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rvs and pets, RVs and Pets: Safe To Leave in the RV?

RVs and Pets: Safe To Leave in the RV?

As you go RVing, you will find yourself at campgrounds with signs that say to not leave dogs unattended. Many municipalities also have laws that make it illegal to leave animals confined in vehicles in what the law defines as dangerous conditions. Here in Arizona, it is considered animal cruelty if a person intentionally or recklessly leaves an animal confined to a motor vehicle where there is a likelihood of physical injury or death, such as when it is hot outside.

As such, it might seem that RVs and pets are a difficult pairing, as most people would find it impossible to never leave their pet in all situations away from their RV, but all it takes is a little planning.

RVs and Pets: How To Be Safe & Legal With Leaving Pets in the RV

The reason why so many RV parks and campgrounds have this advisement against dogs is because of noise concerns. Barking and whining dogs are a nuisance for others who want to enjoy peace and quiet. Make sure that your dog is emotionally equipped for you to leave them in the RV before doing so. Consider practicing with your RV parked in your driveway and train them to overcome any separation anxiety. Though no matter what animal you have, you should always make sure that your animal behaves and isn’t disruptive to others.

Regarding safety, you should be concerned about weather, as temperatures can become excessively hot and cold inside an RV. Safeguard your pet when it’s hot outside for example, by using a windshield visor, closing all curtains, and running the air conditioner.

We also recommend getting a pet temperature monitor for your RV. Temperature monitors constantly track the temperature inside your RV and send alerts to connected cell phones whenever a change is detected. This can give you the confidence that should something happen, you will be immediately notified.

RVs and Pets are Great, As Long as You Are Prepared

In the end, enjoying RVs and pets together simply takes some planning and the right tools. Once you are confident your dog won’t bark while you’re gone and that you can keep the interior of your RV at a comfortable temperature, you are good to go. To ensure your heating and cooling system is properly set-up with a temperature monitor, you can also schedule a visit at our RV shop of Premier Coach Works.